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Hey guys, I started SW hobby a year ago and have a 55gal reef tank thats been running for a year. I bought 48'' 2x 54W T5 as starter light for my tank, I'v had it for a year now.

I want to move on to something a little better, more light. Not for SPS just want more light for better growth.

I have a budget of $300 or under!

Here are the lights iv been looking at, please tell me which choice is better, or if any is good at all.

Modern sleek design, black as in picture.
Approx Dimensions are: @ 48" long, 8" wide, 2 3/4" tall very sleek and compact. Fits standard pin bulb for easy replacements.
Reflector for more refraction
Includes 3-Power Cords, one for each set of lights for easy timer use
Built in cooling fan
Cool running unit
High efficiency electronic ballast
4 - 65 Watt bulbs - (2) 12,000K daylight and (2) 03 true actinics.
1-pair of flippable light legs to mount the light directly over your existing aquarium.
4-dual LED Moonlights (8 total LED's) for night time viewing.

2. 48" CF Dual Professional 260W Marine Version(4x 65W)
* Dimensions - 47.50” x 9.25” x 3.00”
* Brackets add 2.25" in height
* Supports 4x 65W Power Compact fluorescent lamps
* Supports 4x Bluemoon LED
* Supports straight pin lamps
* 260W total power
* Built-in Timer for automatic light settings
* Black, non corrosive powder coated aluminum housing
* Non-corrosive powder coated aluminum housing
* Highly polished reflector
* Contoured reflector
* Cooling Fan
* Includes mounting brackets
* CE Certified
Listing includes:

* 1x 48" CF Dual w/Timer fixture
* 1x Mounting Bracket Pair (Free Item*)
* 2x 65W PC lamps 12000K (Free Item*)
* 2x 65W PC lamps Actinic Blue (Free Item*)
* 4x LED (Free Item*)

3.Wave Point Technology Premium High-Output T-5 Lighting Fixture
216 watt 48in High Output (4x 54w) T5 Lighting System

• World’s Most Advanced Aquatic Lighting System
• 14X Light Amplifying Paradynamic Reflector
• Dual Sealed, High Moisture Resistant Fixture
• Premium UL Listed GFCI Plug
• On/Off Switch
• Ultra-Silent & Energy Efficient
• Includes: 2 Sun Wave Lamps & 2 Blue Wave Lamps

someone also suggested it would b a better I dea just to get another one of the t5 fixture I already have.. Idk that's good or not

Suggestions please?

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#3 is the best out of the 3.The 1st 2 are CF which don't give as much lite then the 3rd one.The T5HO will be alot more then your T5 you have now,and the cost of running T5HO is cheaper then CF.

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I vote for two 150w HQI retro kits with ebay bulbs, that's the cheapest intensity for your $.

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Missed that one he had put down.
i dont see it either maybe that is the hidden optioin on page two

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Yep, of the ones you listed there the T5 unit would be best. If I remember right the T5 lights generally put out nearly 3 times the PAR of PC bulbs per watt. T5 bulbs are more reliable and will last longer.
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