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Updated pics of tank

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I got my bro's camera today and figured I would show you some of the new things in my tank and just show how much better its doing in general. Heres an overall of the tank since the alge has been placed in check.
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Looking alot better and is that green backing on your back glass? Keep up the good work!:)
Heres one with my colt coral and to species of something that I have no clue what they are. They came along with the colt and lr pictured.
My freebie sun on one of its occasions that it actualy opened.
Looks like you have a couple of yellow sun polyps and one split stem of Xenia. Good add-ons if I am right.....
Something I prolly shouldn't have but the lfs was gonna kill it so I took it off there hands. Can any one id what kind it is.
Heres just a shot of my small hermits gathering around my halloween hermit.
that anemone is bleached, sadly it probably won't last too long, although I had one like that, which I got under a similar circumstance hang on for almost a year, when it was lost in a move
Thanks for the replys but what does bleached meen. Yes its a green background on topo with a sea life back ground below. It also has a nice salt build up in the back ground to.
Bleached is a bad thing, it means that all of the Zooxanthelea have left the anemone and that it is no longer recieving any nutrition from photosythisis. (please be nice my spelling is weak!)

This is very common in importated anemones and is one of the first stages in death. At this point all you can do is feed the anemone often keep your water perfect, and hope that it recovers. Some people here can probably give you stories that will get your hopes up, as occassionally one can be nursed back to health, but the odds are not with you.

That one looks pretty bleached, and I doubt that its getting any nutrients outside of your feedings.


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but about 4 years ago, two months after I started reefkeeping, before I ever found a website, I had and LFS sell me one just like lived several weeks, but never looked healthy....of course I thought "Wow is it ever a pretty brilliant white. Gorgeous"...stupid me!
heh! that was my initial reaction to the photo.. "wow a totally white anemone, and brilliant white too!" then i read the post that it was bleaching :( sorry man.
I only paid 5 dollars for it because the lfs was going to trash it. They said it came in on some lr they purchased. What you can't see on the pic is that all the tips are green. My camera is not the greatest by any stretch of the meens. I called the lfs and asked them about it being bleached and all they could say was thats how it came in and that they had it for 6 weeks like that. I know nothing of these so thats why I am asking questions. Like I said it was 5 dollars so if it lives i'll be happy and if it dies I won't get all shaken up over it because I prolly shouldn't have one any way. but thank you all for your input. I do know one thing though I gotta love my lfs because they have all sorts of corals attached to live rock with all sorts of other things growing on them and they give great deals.
FWIW: if it dies.. it will poison the tank.

i had the same attitude as well. "it's gonna die somewhere" until i was informed, that they can poison the tank upon death, and could harm your other inhabitants. and htey are NOT pretty at death.. you saw the pic of mine after it died right?

if not.....
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