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Good evening all!

I apologize for the delay in providing an update around the earlier post entitled "125G for Sale"...

I finally got the tank (and all of its accessories, lights, base, live rock, etc.) hauled over from the west side of town to Stillwater.

Again, I purchased this setup from a friend about 6 months ago. He was in the process of selling his home and requested that it stay until his house sold. He finally gave me the green light to pick up the tank last week. I am only taking select items from the tank (some livestock, the skimmer, a few power heads, etc.) Everything else is for sale.

Here is the list of whats available:

125 Gallon Glass Aquarium & Matching Oak Stand - $175.00 o.b.o.
This tank requires a good cleaning/scraping, but for the most part, its in pretty decent shape. It is 10 years old. FULL DISCLOSURE: This tank came from a home with smokers. I'll let your nose be the judge of whether or not it requires a cleaning...

Light Assembly for Above Noted Aquarium - $200.00 o.b.o. This is a dual ballast, 4 dual-bulb 6-foot long enclosed light. I'm not sure of the manufacturer, but it's logo is a small blue square with a white sea horse within the blue square. One of the ballasts was replaced about a year ago. The guy who owned the tank hardwired this ballast to the light... Still works fine, but just wanted to share that information. I believe all of the bulbs still work (but if they don't there is a replacement bulb available as well.)

55-60 Pounds of Live Rock - $2.50 per pound. SOLD This rock is actually quite nice. There are a few pieces with nuisance algae, but nothing too sever. One piece has a small RBTA on it and onother has a nice feather duster attached to it.

There is also a really cool piece of lava rock (not included in the weight described above) that would make for a great ledge... Its not live rock, but its covered with coraline algae. I'll throw this in if you buy all of the live rock.

Fluval 404 canister filter - 3 years old - $50.00

46 Gallon Bow-Front Aquarium for sale - $50.00 About 5-6 years old.

Red Sea Berlin Classic Skimmer - $20.00
I could never make it work optimally. Try your luck. Its missing the "venturi key".

Two cute and hardy tomato clowns - $20 for the pair
4-5 Big Mexican Turbo Snails - $1.50 each

I think thats about it. Again, I live just south of Stillwater and just North of I-94. Feel free to email me at [email protected] or call me at 651-283-3760.

Thanks and have a great weekend!



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Prices Reduced!!!

Good morning!

All remaining items noted above are now reduced in price!

Tank and Stand = $100

Lights = $100

46G Bow Front = $35

Tomato Clowns = $10

Fluval 404 = $35

Berlin Red Sea = $10

Call me or email me if you're interested!

[email protected]
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