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I have had my Royal Gramma in my tank for over 2 months now, he(she?) has been the most active and happy fish that I have in my tank. The Royal is always swimming around in plain sight and only goes into his(her) little hiding spot when its bedtime.

Yesterday when I came home from work I noticed that there was a small growth forming in the top middle section of the left side of the Royal's body.

The size of this growth is about the size of a lower case "o" in this text. It is not pure-white, but has some white tints to it, mainly looks like a scab almost.

Since I noticed it, the Royal has been extremely timid and has hid almost the entire time I was home and noticed it. I have not ever had Ich before in my tank so I am not sure if it could be that.

I would love to get a brainstorm of diagnoses as to what the possible problem could be.

The attached picture is the best one that I could get given his hiding spot. The growth is located directly below the dark black spot on his dorsal fin if you can see the faint little bumps.

Thanks for all your help and I look forward to the diagnosis.


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