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Two NIB Mak4

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I bought two Mak4 from customaquatics but decided not to use it for now. It's actually unopened and of course new. Price is $115 +shipping. I will use Fedex to track and my zip code is 92805 for shipping purposes. I think the pump weights 10 lbs.

Here is the description.

PCX40 - Gen-X/MAK4 Pumps
Compare to Iwaki 55 RLT-Magnetic Drive
Magnetic Drive-Fan cooled-Sealess design 3/4 in 3/4 out
Max. Flow: ;75L/Min 19.84GPM 1190GPH
Max Head: 6.8M 22 feet
Voltage: 110V
Outpout: 55W
Poles: 2
Frequency: 60hz
Speed: 3000RPM
Input: 110W
Insulation Class E Sheild Form SIngle Phose Induction Motor Capacitor-Run.

Non-Corrosive Polypropylene Housing
Non-Leak Sealless Pump (never needs oiled)
Highly Efficient, Economical Type
Single Phase Motor with Thermal Protector
Pump should not be allowed to run dry.

Email is [email protected]
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