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Good morning... no happy balance here, but that's life. Most of my day will be spent compiling a master list for some friends to study from on pathophysiology.

That and play with puppy. We're trying to get her as socialized as we can, and she's gained a lot of weight since last week. I'd resisted ever owning a bathroom scale (insert rant on society), but to keep an eye on her growth, I might break down.

And she spent last night in her crate. Not to happy about it, but she only woke us 2-3 times, vs. 5-6. To quote the Beatles "...things are getting better all the time."

And hey, it's a beautiful day. Maybe more pond work for me! (And maybe, we'll go get that big brain I've been eying at the LFS)

1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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