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Ommigod! Lookee that dreadful wakeup call. Gentlemen! Where is your wake up charm anyway ;) .


No ice cubes or pincers this AM, since we already had the spelling test for the day. Doug gets the spel ck award.

Love and hugs and maybe tickles for everyone today!


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Good morning... no happy balance here, but that's life. Most of my day will be spent compiling a master list for some friends to study from on pathophysiology.

That and play with puppy. We're trying to get her as socialized as we can, and she's gained a lot of weight since last week. I'd resisted ever owning a bathroom scale (insert rant on society), but to keep an eye on her growth, I might break down.

And she spent last night in her crate. Not to happy about it, but she only woke us 2-3 times, vs. 5-6. To quote the Beatles "...things are getting better all the time."

And hey, it's a beautiful day. Maybe more pond work for me! (And maybe, we'll go get that big brain I've been eying at the LFS)


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Morning folks!

More painting for me today. Ugh, oil base this time. Thank goodness the weather is decent so I can throw all the doors and windows open.

I think I'm almost ready to go back to work and rest up ;)


good morning all,
jay- i woulda thought you woulda stayed up all night sanding and it would be up int the house cycling by now. good jab btw looking raelly good

any who sunny but COLD day here in minnesota waiting on yet another shipment of zoo's, make about 30 here the past week, so ill just pitch this in will pay good $$ for rarer colors so if yall got any let me know
hope all is well with everyone and have a good day

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Im headed to the garage to clean, gotta make room for all that lumber that will be here tomorrow. Plus I gotta clear some floor space for the tank/stand/canopy.


BTW, for what it is worth, I am not having the Lumber Yard cut my wood! (You know who you are)
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