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Trying to Master this Camera!!

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First pic is my candy cane coral. This coral is not directly under my MH 250 lights and about half way up in the tank. It has expanded beautifully since the new lighting system was installed.:)
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This is a small frag my wife had in her tank but did not show any sign of growth until I put it in my tank and now it is doing quite well. Some soft coral of some sort(maybe a tool stool or leather).:)
Most of you have seen my Mt. Zoophyus LR but a mushroom showed up on it that I had not seen before!:)
I think more damsels are sold in this color than any other! What a personality it has and "I know" a damsel!:eek:
Last pic of my copperband butterfly who is quite healthy and loves mysis shrimp and my home made "mush" and picks at an aiptasia from time to time. Most of my aiptasia is gone now thanks to the butterfly and 3 peppermint shrimp!:dance:
johnny, nice pics. i'm seeing a yellow tint though. keep playing with the flash and iso settings. you'll get it bud!!!

i still love that verticle zoo colony!
Looks like your lights are working out for you :)

The coolpix is supposed to make great macro shots. Are you using the auto mode? If you have white balance on your camera you can change the setting to change the color of the shots.

Have fun :D
keep playing with the flash and iso settings! Jay a little more info if ya could? thanks!

It seems when I'm in auto mode cat it flashes all the time and I have seen the white balance in the menu but I'm a geek when it comes to this digital camera. Any more help would be great! thanks :D
johnny, unfortunatley i have only ever used olympus camera's. never played with a nikon.

but i'm sure it must have some iso settings, or at minimum flash and white balance.

just play with them and try different settings. like daylight, flourescent light, incandescant light, etc...

BUT, only with play with ONE setting at a time!

i'm not sure of all the settings on the nikon, but i know it has good features.

fwiw, i'm no "photographer" i know pretty much sqaut about my camera's. i get great pics, but i jsut play with settings, until i find one i like. but i really dont know what all the settings actually mean :rolleyes:

you'd think after 8 years i would have learned, but nope. i jsut play and tinker with them! :funny:
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thanks for the info Jay! I have been playing with the settings from time to time so eventually I am sure by total mistake I'll get it right!!:D
Johnny I love your shots keep playing with it buddy;)
Johnny I love your shots keep playing with it buddy! Yeah casey you say that and then post a pic like that!! Man do I have a long ways to go!!!:D
Just keep taking pics..I use a tripod, macro mode and no flash..Put the camera in auto mode then -macro mode- zoom in and out till the pic looks good and the flower on the screen turns yellow..Good Luck
Great pics all! Thanks for posting them.

:D :D
I just posted that pic Johnny to give ya motivation keep at it buddy :)
I know casey! Just kidding with ya!! Great pics all!!:)
:beer: ;)
The basic photography course I took means that I know what all the settings mean and what they do, but it's still hit and miss when it comes to the 'perfect' shot :D

That's the best thing about a digical - it doesn't cost you anything to shoot hundreds of pics to get the one you want.

You should be able to get rid of the flash in "auto" by hitting a button somewhere on your camera. It looks like a thunderbolt -the camera will adjust the other settings to try to compensate for it. On my camera, in review mode, if I hit the display button twice, all the settings show up on the screen so I know what the camera did. Might give you some hints.

I use white balance in "cloudy" mode if I'm not using the flash, it seems to give me the truest color for my tank. Yours might be set in 'tungsten' mode (image of a lightbulb)- that one always makes my pics look yellow.

HTH :)
Thanks for your help cat!! I'll get it yet!;)
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