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trying my hand a pico tank 2.5g

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2.5g simple glass box
aquaclear 30
tiny little heater
Marineland LED

i've got a saltwater mixing station already for larger tanks so i just keep changing water in it. seems to be kicking along just fine.

only thing i don't like is the lighting. too white for my taste and the zoas aren't green under those lights. thinking about going with some led strips and get more blue into the lighting.

and that mean @#[email protected]# clown you see? yeah the tank is too small but he's a killing machine and had to be taking from other tanks. he's in solitary confinement. can't give that sucker away.
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Nice looking tank. You should add a mantis, that would take care of the clown!
that's soooo tempting, it really really is....:angry:

i think i found a home for him now in his little 2.5g jail cell. im so over owning clowns at this point it's not even funny.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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