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In August of 1999 we officially became The small beginner's board finally had its own domain and its first sponsor. We will be celebrating our birthday all month with 4 great contests. (2 now and 2 later in the month) There will be lots of prizes including gift certificates from our sponsors, a 250 watt electronic metal halide ballast from Reef Fanatic, a refractometer from Premium Aquatics and more!

Contest #1: Photo Contest

Post your best pictures in the Contest section of the Photo Gallery . If you already have a picture loaded in the Photo Gallery you can just move it to the Contest section. It will be moved back to your member gallery when the contest is over. Deadline for entries is August 14th. The photos will be judged and the winner announced on August 16th.

Contest #2: $5000 Dream Tank Contest

This is your chance to come up with a start-to-finish tank plan. Using retail and mail order prices list all equipment, corals and fish you would use to set up a reef ready 180 gallon tank. Judging will be based on creativity, use of the budget, and originality. Bonus points will be given for equipment and critters you find from our sponsors (include a link to product).

The 180 gallon reef ready tank (dimensions are 72x24x24 with dual overflows) and stand have been given to you by a friend. :D Now take the $5000 and make it beautiful.

Entries should be posted in the Contest forum in the Dream Tank Entry subforum. Deadline is August 14th. Winners will be announced August 16th. If you are concerned about someone copying your entry feel free to PM your entry to me and I will post it in the entry forum on Thursday night.

If you have any questions or comments about the contests please post them in this thread.
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