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Trevor's Graduation

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Hello TRT Friends,

Here, finally, is one of Trevor's graduation photos, taken June 1st. The cords represent top 10% in his class of 425 students. He'll be attending Indiana University in the fall on an Army ROTC and IU Honors College scholarships, majoring in History, minoring in English (maybe) and German (most likely). Then -- OCS and a possible career in the military.

~ Shirley :)


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that woman in the pink dress looks awfully proud for some reason :D

congrats to trvor and you shirly

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ignor buzz's comment. :funny:

i have two BETTER words: ARMY RANGER ;)
doh! ishould have fully read the post he's already in ROTC and planning on OCS :)

way to go Trevor!!!!!

hey buzz: nah nah nah nah nah nah :D
:beer: i'll drink to that alice! my family is from Montreal, and is predominatly french. but in researching my family tree about two years ago, it was discovered that Thomson is not a french name. it's Scottish :eek:

from the clan MacTavish, when they had the problems with the english, the MacTavishes relocated, and changed the sirname to MacTamish. when they migrated to the US, they changed it to Tamison, then the people at ellis island (it's well documented that many could not read nor write very well, hence the subtle variances in spellings of sirnames) They erroneously wrote Thomson :D
but anyway, back to trevor :) i agree wit hDoug, all the military elbowing is in good fun, any way you choose, is not only great for your future, but it's also a great honor to serve your country.
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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