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Treasurer issues---need your input

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I have a few issues with the Treasurers responsibilities and I want to get the BOD's input.

I haven't received any correspondence indicating that we have had a new member join the club since April. I know we have had new members join but for some reason Jenn has chosen not to report income to the Treasurer. In future years I think it would make things smoother for the club if the treasurer were also the membership coordinator. At least the membership applications and checks should be sent to the Treasurer.

I have not received a bank statement since February. When I submit a Treasurers report to the BOD I am stating that the information submitted is correct to the best of my knowledge. Without a bank statement to verify this then I can't do that. Bob would it be possible/feasable for Wachovia to send a duplicate statement to a different address or could we change the address of record on an annual basis so that statements are sent to the current Treasurer?

I know that some of you have expenses that you need reimbursement for. I was told by Jenn that two signatures are required on each check. Logistically speaking this is a difficult task.

I would appreciate any input or suggestions that any of you may have on any or all of these issues.

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personally i think all funds should be handled by the treasurer if theres a deposit to be made it needs to be directed to the treasurer. when it comes to handling funds in a club the less people that handle the money the better. it is a complicated enough job without an extra set of paws to stir things up. not only that when you delegate to many of the same responcibilitys to different peolple, it creates a lot of tension. if rick's the treasurer then let him do his job without any outside interference
im going to stand by my original comments. many other positions could be the responcibility of more than one person with the exception of treasurer. the person acting as treasurer needs to have complete control of all accounting and money transactions. i'm going to take it a step further and say that rick should step in right now and have full control over all the clubs finances. no offence to jen i'm sure she's doing a great job,but rick was voted in as treasurer he should be taking charge of his position, and personally i think if someone was having trouble handling there responcibility either they should ask for help, or we should step in and see they get it. i thought we had another club member who volunteered to help with our web site?
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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