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Treasurer issues---need your input

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I have a few issues with the Treasurers responsibilities and I want to get the BOD's input.

I haven't received any correspondence indicating that we have had a new member join the club since April. I know we have had new members join but for some reason Jenn has chosen not to report income to the Treasurer. In future years I think it would make things smoother for the club if the treasurer were also the membership coordinator. At least the membership applications and checks should be sent to the Treasurer.

I have not received a bank statement since February. When I submit a Treasurers report to the BOD I am stating that the information submitted is correct to the best of my knowledge. Without a bank statement to verify this then I can't do that. Bob would it be possible/feasable for Wachovia to send a duplicate statement to a different address or could we change the address of record on an annual basis so that statements are sent to the current Treasurer?

I know that some of you have expenses that you need reimbursement for. I was told by Jenn that two signatures are required on each check. Logistically speaking this is a difficult task.

I would appreciate any input or suggestions that any of you may have on any or all of these issues.

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Money, money

I know that Jenn has received the bank statements for two months ago and 30 June. She announced at the meeting $1926.95 and added $162.50 for a total of $2089.45

This was from last night's meeting. You or Andy will have to arrange for the bank to deal with you, the club's Treasurer Officer. She collected a few more members last night as well.
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