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There will be a meeting on the 8th of February at 11am located at The Cultured Reef, if you need directions they are listed in our sponsers section. I apologize for the short notice but we will put together the schedule for the next year and need your help and input.
The frag grow out plugs are ready and look great, frags must be paid for buy the 9th to be eligible for the contest. As it sits now we have 2 more available so let's get this underway. Frags are $20 dollars for members participating in the contest and $30 otherwise. Prizes will be awarded at the end of August meeting and again at the one year mark.
Be sure to check out the Kiss sale at The Cultured Reef while your there, Dick has some beautiful pieces at as always great prices.
Thanks and hope to see you there.
Any one interested can follow the TC-ark link for more info in my signature
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