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There are two trade scenarios here...

1. 2x 250w 10k MH bulbs USHIO and 2x 250w IceCap electronic ballasts (bulbs and ballast used 9 months)

for, 2x 175w 10k MH bulbs and 2x 175w IceCap electronic ballasts (must be less than 9 months life on bulbs and ballasts must be no more than 1 yr old). I'd also appreciate a powerhead or magfloat cleaner (medium size) in the mix depending on the age of ballasts and bulbs you are willing to trade.

the IceCaps that i have are wired w/ power cord and quick disconnect, if the ballasts you're offering don't, then i'll cut the QD and PC of my ballasts after i test them for you. I don't have to have icecap ballasts, but i do want a reputable e-ballast. PFO, EVC, etc.


2. 1x250 complete MH setup. Includes 1 10k bulb, 1 spider light reflector, 1 mogul socket w/ quick disconnect, 1 IceCap 250w ballast w/ QD and PC (like above, bulb and ballasts are 9 months old)
1 20g Long tank


58 or 70g Oceanic RR tank. Must be over 20" tall and have the 36x18 foot print and be drilled w/ an overflow. I don't care how old the tank is, as long as it holds water. I'll entertain offers.

thanks guys, let me know,

Matt (TVI)

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