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casey have you ever seen/tried the top offs that have two hoses. one for water, one for air. i guess the concept is that the water line is submerged i nthe bottom of the sump. the airline is submerged a few inches belwo the water level.

the way it works/supposed to work is that when sump level drops, it allows air into the airline, which then allows the top off container to drain water into the sump. once sump level reaches the airline, it blocks off the air, and the vaccume stops the top off container from draining any more.

in theory it sounds like it would work, but i would think the top off container would need to be airtight. and what if it failed.. yikes!

on the other hand, i would think that using the float valve/PH method would not require an airtight container.

can a really small, cheap, crappy, low gph powerhead suffice? and how much do float valves run?

i've got the container (10 gallon) that wil lsit above my sump, i nteh cabinet (may get a larger one if i can find one that will fit) but it's not airtight, and i want somethign that will be reliable.

i think dave is looking fro pretty much teh same answers to the same questions since our stands a re similar, and our top offs are in the same spots as well.

thanks casey!

btw: i like that container, will make for a cool table/hidden container :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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