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Hey everyone, I'm setting up a standard 55 gallon mixed reef. I want to do something different, so I'm doing mainly biological filtration, with a refugium HOB. However, right now I only have 1 550gph powerhead. So naturally, I'm looking to get another powerhead or two in the near future, eventually run another. And have 4 in total. 2 550gph pumps and 2 1300gph pumps.

Would that be too much flow? And if not, how should I set them up, I plan on having coral that desire heavy flow while others desire lower flow, and I'd like to keep several fish as well. if 1300 is too much, what should I go down to? Maybe 2 550s and 2 750s? Then I was thinking of putting them on 5 minute intervals to imitate the tide going left and right. But I'm new to reefing so I'm not sure. Could anyone help me on what size powerheads, how many, and where to place them? Thanks!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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