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Too early Tuesday

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Morning all,
My canine alarm clock has it set at 4:30 am ,, ugggh/arrgh. Murphy is the dawg in question.
Dunno why , but think it’s related to having to go do some bizness outside . Gonna be putting the dog’s water outa access toward the end of the evenings and see it that helps,,

The visit/ meet n greet at Sis’s yesterday went fine, was expected that Nash would be a bit scared with new people and surroundings ( tho he did seem to doze along with being silent in his crate during the 45 minute drive) . Dunno if he knew Sis’s new pup was Murphy’s sister🤷🏻‍♂️.
Getting Nash in new to him surroundings and humans etc., is the plan for proper socialization. Stuff like visits to the pet box stores n such , even if nothing gets purchased is another field trip for puppy school.

Nash has come out of his newb shell, knows the routines here pretty much . So far 👍🏼🤞🏻🙏, 100% housebroken record going on, a accident can be expected, but 100% from the get go only helps with his learning proper learn’n 👍🏼.

He mastered the Doxie ramp quickly, even using the 3 stairs at the back deck ( Murphy , even tho older n bigger is not a stair dawg yet) .
Nash follows me outside at close to a “heel” position,, will only make heeling on a leash that much easier . He is bestest play/chase/tussle buddies with Murphy even with the size/age difference. And has no trouble letting Murphy know if Murph gets a lil too “puppy needle teeth” with him.
While Nash is a GSD ( jokingly said to be perfect from birth 😉😂) pup, I’m sure general puppy actions/ activities will happen. But so far he has been really good at being a proper pup.

Coffee and breakfast burritos to offer this morning ..

Hope everyone has a great day!
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Good morning everyone,

I like bass pro. It’s up on please visit we have one here in my little town. We also have a Cabela’s about 40 minute drive from here. They are both on my bass pro or vice a versa. I’m not sure who owns watt.
It is hayfever season and I’m feeling it working in the yard. My silver truck has a shade of green on it.
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Cath, I come on every day, but some days I just don’t feel like posting. I bore myself I don’t want to be boring other people. Lol.
Not a whole lot going on around here, same old, same old.

just yard work mostly
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Congratulations Jeff
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