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Too early Tuesday

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Morning all,
My canine alarm clock has it set at 4:30 am ,, ugggh/arrgh. Murphy is the dawg in question.
Dunno why , but think it’s related to having to go do some bizness outside . Gonna be putting the dog’s water outa access toward the end of the evenings and see it that helps,,

The visit/ meet n greet at Sis’s yesterday went fine, was expected that Nash would be a bit scared with new people and surroundings ( tho he did seem to doze along with being silent in his crate during the 45 minute drive) . Dunno if he knew Sis’s new pup was Murphy’s sister🤷🏻‍♂️.
Getting Nash in new to him surroundings and humans etc., is the plan for proper socialization. Stuff like visits to the pet box stores n such , even if nothing gets purchased is another field trip for puppy school.

Nash has come out of his newb shell, knows the routines here pretty much . So far 👍🏼🤞🏻🙏, 100% housebroken record going on, a accident can be expected, but 100% from the get go only helps with his learning proper learn’n 👍🏼.

He mastered the Doxie ramp quickly, even using the 3 stairs at the back deck ( Murphy , even tho older n bigger is not a stair dawg yet) .
Nash follows me outside at close to a “heel” position,, will only make heeling on a leash that much easier . He is bestest play/chase/tussle buddies with Murphy even with the size/age difference. And has no trouble letting Murphy know if Murph gets a lil too “puppy needle teeth” with him.
While Nash is a GSD ( jokingly said to be perfect from birth 😉😂) pup, I’m sure general puppy actions/ activities will happen. But so far he has been really good at being a proper pup.

Coffee and breakfast burritos to offer this morning ..

Hope everyone has a great day!
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Good mawnin’, Jeff, Hack, and all of TRT

(Hit send, Cath
Thanks for the coffee and burritos, Jeff. I will add huge muffins, fresh from the oven, nanners and Halo oranges because they’re easy to eat.

Jeff, reading your report about Nash is so much fun. I didn’t know about the importance of socializing dogs, but it makes sense.

Hack - That sounds like miserable working conditions for you today. But I guess you’re used to it. I hope you get a proper warm hamburger for lunch to stock up your internal warmness.

Vinnie, I sure do miss you when you don’t post during a day. Surely there are some things to tell us about your grandkids or riding your bike or seahorses or whatever.

Rick, how did the ceiling work go yesterday?

Doug, what was the outcome of that Mötley Crüe that some of your coworkers attended last week?

61 and climbing up to 77 today, and it’s dry. So dry that there’s a warning out for the possibility of wildfires. There’s a green haze on everything today because the pollen is way too early. The flowering trees are gonna get a rude awakening when we have a very cold snap sometime. Bizarre weather.

lots of love and hugs and peace to everyone!
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those are gorgeous, Vinnie! I’ve been out of the hobby for a while. Are those zoanthids?

Sophie’s voice is hoarse today. Maybe she is affected by the pollen, too.
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Yuck On waiting so long for the discount voucher. I don’t know what the cost is there but but I here it’s pretty expensive.

It has been a beautiful day today in spite of the green haze on everything. I would really like to get my car washed, but what’s the point right now?


Now as I was gonna say......
Hot dogs and sauerkraut and baked beans with BBQ chips.....Utz of course.

Now you can hit send.
That supper sounds like a Pennsylvania Dutch area staple. I guess I could count for Pennsylvania or southern New Jersey.

The reply to Doug was started earlier in the day, and I forgot to hit send. I guess that’s a common problem here. 😂
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Hack - Ha! I had forgotten that Jan was from the other side of the river, but what river?🤣
At least you know about Lebanon bologna and Utz potato chips. That right there is food of the gods.

You and your family sure do have a lot of fun playing games, and I love it!

We’ll see what happens with the weather. If southern Cal can have major snowstorms, then we can have a snowstorm late March or April. It has happened before.

Time for me to clean up the kitchen and clean up Sophie’s boxes and pads.

Make it a groovy evening everyone.
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One more thing. The time does indeed change on Sunday. I personally think we should keep it on standard time year around. When you mess around with it, then sundials are wrong half of the year.
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Big congrats, Jeff! That quilt is beautiful, and will be a perfect backdrop for your Doxie photos when adoption time comes around.
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