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Today is the day:banana:
I finally got my acrylic pieces back from the cutter, took so long they only charged me 10 bucks for the cuts. I had two overs and two unders cut. I've already done a lot of tinkering trying to fix the microbubbles and found a couple of things that have helped. I took a U-tube overflow box, plugged the drain hole and dremeled a small hole near the bottom of the u-tube chamber. Placed this in the sump for the skimmer to dump into, cut the amount of bubbles in half. Switched to a micron filter bag too. I can't believe the stuff that thing takes out of the water.
I'm pretty sure I have everything planned out well enough, just wanted a few opinions to be sure. Tank is a 120 with over 200 lbs of LR, 2-3 inches of LS, and a moderately low fish load, so I figured 4-5 pwerheads in the display along with a fluval 104(small, I know) with the cabon bag fom my sump(bacteria already there) and filter floss, along with a heater should keep everybody happy overnight till the silicone cures in the sump......opinions????? I'm going to wait till late afternoon or eve. to start, that way most of the "down time" will be when everyone is holed up and resting anyway(also going to feed light today). I bought All-Glass brand silicone. This stuff says 24 hours to watertight 48 hours till cured fully. Can I put this stuff back into service before 48 hours? I planned to put it back together in the morning. Is this stuff gonna gas-off and harm my livestock or what?
Also going to install a fan and exhaust port in the stand while I have it apart, along with a few more holes in the back for refugium and chiller lines down the road.
YES, I took pics.
Here's the mess I'm starting with. It's drilled on the wrong end, so there's a pvc pipe that runs through the sump to the other end to feed the return pump. I've also gotten rid of all the sponges and filter floss (my algae problem went away within days of getting all that out) switched to a micron bag, and added a bubble trap to the skimmer, also moved it to the same chamber the return dumps into. wetdry2.JPG

Here's the baffles baffles.JPG

and just for fun here's the tank as of a couple of days ago june.JPG

I'll take pics as I go and post them when I'm done. Lemme know what you all think.
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