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Today my clams and Acro will be very happy!!!

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I just got my MH's!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!:dance:
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nice what did you get again
Well then fire them bad boys up and snap a pic man:dance: :beer:
Eric be sure and keep up the water changes and dilute nasty stuff levels, the new lights will prolly cause a bloom at first , Good Luck :)
you may also need to allow the critters to get adjusted to the mh's. do not bake them right off the bat for 12 hours. you may need to gradually increase the amount of time under the full bore mh's.

mnreefman, I got the double ended 150's. Unfortunatly they came with aqualux 10K's by mistake. :( The good news is that the guys I got the MH setup from are going to ship me the XM's for free! :) So I will be able to compare things. They should be here within the week.
Kewl on them making good, please ret to get pics with both types of bulbs, I am real curious if the 20000K xms work well with out actinic supplementation :)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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