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Tired of Them Yet!!

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Bored today so playing with camera!:)
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Last one maybe----------------------:)
Nice pics!!! Keep em' comin'

Although not always replying, I never get tired of others reef pics. :) Like to see what others are doing.

Look at almost everyone pics on all the boards when posted.
johnny i'll never get tired of your pics!! it's inspirational!!

what's with the big hole in the clam? is that the mouth, or jsut a dark spot?
LOL Jay!

The inhalant siphon(large hole) is made up of an elongated opening. Fringing tentacles sometimes surround this opening. The tentacles will strain out large particles. The exhalent siphon forms a raised cone, which can be found further along the mantle from the inhalant siphon. Water leaves the clam's body cavity through the exhalant siphon after being filtered by the gills.

Hope I got that right!

Johnny you cant make me tired of your pics :):D :beer:
whoa sweet johnny! thanks for he info.

i had always assumed that clams opened and closed like they do in the cartoons :rolleyes:
Looks like you've gone clam crazy there Johnny! MH's are kinda fun, eh? :)
Very nice!

So does the squamosa really have a pink ring to it? I saw that in one of your other pics, and figured it was the actinics or something. Either way, it's a very beautiful clam!

Rock on , brother ! More pics , that's what we're here for :)
Hey Danielle! The clam does have blue spots all the way around it and the pink is probably the actinics!;)
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