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Good Morning Everyone,
Another rain soaker this morning and today. I feel like I'm in that Winnie-The-Pooh book . "When the rain rain rain came down down down "!
It has rained from page 24 to 73
Here's a morning exercise to get everyone going .

Coffee and doughnuts are out for everyone .
Make it a good one !!

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Good Morning Bio and everyone!

Been raining here for days, I have a conference call in a little while and then I'm off to a busy day, but only a week to go.

Have a Great Day!

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Good mawnin', Tom, Vinnie, and all of TRT!

Thanks for the coffee and doughnuts, Tom. What a treat! I love the Pooh song for us this AM. Gotta that kind of comfort early in the AM :agree:

Vinnie - only a week to go for you. :dance:

Hi, HHC! Hi, Patrick!

We had more rain yesterday, but at least we only had tornado watches. It's a mess around here. Water-wise, we're up for the month and the year, which we haven't had in a very long time.

Lots of love and hugs and peace to everyone.

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Good Morning Biowheel Cath and Vinnie
Guys and Girls I feel your pain! Yesterday the sun came out for a little while and we didnt know what to do! Last night lightning and thunder all night. All my guest have arrived except two. They thought the party was tomorrow so guess what they are coming tomorrow and we get to do it all over again. The only good thing is they also have reef tanks so we're going coral shopping. I have no idea what I'm going to do with all these people in the rain. I did suggest movies but everyone wants to see Star Trek but it doesnt come out until tomorrow.
Any hoot I think I see Winnie the Poo strutton by so I guess I will go check out the reas of the post.
Have a great day Everyone!!
Hi HHC!!

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Good morning Tom, Vince, Cath, Patrick and all of TRT - you guys are the official Early Birds this morning - running out the door, it's already 78 outside, GEEZ, would love some rain! Wish you could send it this way with a long siphon tube!

Have a great day all!

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Morning All! Thanks for the coffee and breakfast Bio!Well did it rain last night and tunder!I had to tie down the ark!It's floatting with all this rain!I hope that yellow UFO comes back!Have A Great Day All!

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Good morning everyone! Happy almost Friday.
Patrick - a frag hunting expedition sounds like a great way to pass the day. I usually lose at least a couple hours when I go to the LFS.
We seem to be rained out for a little while. Just summer time afternoon pop up storms in the forecast. Grass is thick and green.
Thanks for the breakfast Tom. MMMMM donuts.
Hope y'all have a great day. I am off to the FD today. Then off for 3 days. My daughters big spring show with the Pensacola Children's Chorus is Friday and Saturday night. We watch that on Friday. Wife's cousin is getting married Saturday so I took leave. Then we have to work the cleanup crew after the shom moving the stage and all the props back to the chorus building.
Gonna be a busy weekend.
Hope y'all have a great one!

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Oh.. Rew's induction into NHS was Monday night. Funny comment made from Rew's friend to him....

"DUDE! Your Dad's camera is bigger than the photographers'!" :nuts: :drool:

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Good Morning, Everybody! :)

More rain today but maybe the heaviest stuff is moving out. Still showers for the next several days.

Love the Pooh clip, Tom. I'm hoping to ramp up to Pooh's level of exercises but got to work my way up slowly. :D

Oh.. Rew's induction into NHS was Monday night. Funny comment made from Rew's friend to him....

"DUDE! Your Dad's camera is bigger than the photographers's!"
Congratulations to Rew!! That's funny about your camera. :D

Another full day at work and then the Spring Music Concert at FishGirl's school. Ray, seems like our girls' programs are the same time every year.

Rosie would like one of those doughnuts as dessert after her dog chow, Tom. :D

Have a Terrific Thursday, Everybody!


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Nice picture Dick.

Morning everyone and hope you don't get too much rain. We are at 80 and sunny today.

I think I hurt my back driving pretty hard yesterday in the Z3...wish it had sport seats like my 325Ci does.

The weekend is close..have a nice day.

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Mornin' all :fish:

Damp and rainy outside this morning, think it's gonna stay that way for the rest of the day :mad: .

Oh well, i quess it's indoor chores for me then and i think i'll make the GT-350 mad at me by puttin' the buffer to the HHR SS . It's due for some Griot's shiny stuff products and something i told myself i would do during my vacation. Also planning on doing the same to the truck, but i doubt i will feel like doing much after today's toiling on the car.:rolleyes:

Spent a good part of yesterday having a weekwhacker strapped to my shoulder,and the grounds here on da farm are starting to look a lil better.

Much more of this and i'll be glad to be at work LOL.

Hope everyone has a great day! :thumbup:
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