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Morning Everyone !!:wavey:
Coffee's on . Cereal today with 1%,2% and whole milk. Cold pizza anyone ?

Running a a crazy pace this week. My truck has a 100000 mile warranty on everything and I'm at 99000 Gotta get it in to have them check it over. Just can't get there .:doh: Picking up my 150G tank tonight.:agree:
Have a Great Day Everyone !!

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Good mawnin', Tom, Vinnie, and all of TRT!

Thanks for the breakfast, Tom. What a crazy schedule you have! Far out on getting that new tank!

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Good Thoisday morning Tom, Vince, Cath and all of TRT - I second the pots/pans alarm, Vince, I'm half asleep and running late. Just have time for some fruit on the way to work, please help yourselves if you want some too! YAY on the new tank Tom!

Hi Patrick, hope you are feeling well and healing too!

Everyone have a good day, week is almost over - YIPPEE

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Good Morning HHC

I better get going, looks like I won't have a day off until next weekend on the 24th,

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Good Morning, Tom, Vince, Cath, & All! :)

63, rain, and beginning to cool down, more toward the weekend.

Congratz on the 150, Tom. Nothing more frightening than the warranty running out. :eek4:

Is it still sunny in Fla, Vince?

Cath, how's early Civitans working out with your crazy work schedule?

HHC, running late is par for the course around here.

Lotsa people sick around here. FishGirl missed a couple days' school; her mom missed a day of work; and I'm just working through it. :( Don't think it's the flu but something kin to it.

Full size work load for me today. Should be interesting.

The second spike, who was runniing with the one I posted the other day. This one is growing a couple extra points.

Have a Tremendous Thursday, Everybody!


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Thanks! I'm still hurtting and you wake me up!And it's my Ann(21) and we can't do much!A noreaster is going to hit us today and rain here for at least the next 5 days!:(.Thanks for the breakfast Bio and your in a snow watch!Hope all feels better at your house Dick! Have A Great Day!I need to go back to9 sleep once your done with those pots and pans!

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Morin All Good Thursday to all of TRT. thanks for the coffee. I am goin gback to bed in a few the baby woke me up early. I dpn't get this weather? Hot as heck here is FLA, snow sking in the west and nore easters in NJ this is crazy.

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Morning everyone. Just found out that Breckenridge opens November 10th, which is way early.

We pretty much live to ski and get up there every weekend. Some folks here just complain about wintertime...the TRT daily thread seems chock full of warmer places to suggest for them.

Well off to work, then taking a long lunch to acclimate three boxes of stuff to populate the formerly unlit side of our new tank.

Tonight Lori Pony is going to pick the Denver vs. San Diego game for my pool. I have been having her do the toss up games and she is 3-0 this year. :beer:

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Morning all,

Everything is well on my end. Back to the ER today for another bout of whatever they throw at me. I get my lights in tonight, Im really excited.

Hope everyone is well, have a great day TRT.

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Good Morning Everyone!!!
Hope you start feeling better soon George! Dick sorry you have the flue's cousin running through your house hope everyone feels better soon. Congrats on the new tank bio! I have a 150 and Love it!!
Hi Vinnie Perry Cath Butch Hoosier fchidsey quader and all the folks out in trt land. Still swollen and red here. I guess the good news is I don have a fever and I'm feeling fine. That means the infection is contained and not spreading to my blood. I still have hopes I wont have to go on more antibiotics.
Have a Great day Everyone!!

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Morning All.
Congrats on the 150 Tom!
Been busy with work and internet problems at work have kept me from checking in as well.
Looks like the cooler weather is finally showng up this weekend. lows in the 40's and hi's in the 60's. Must be time for the fair. First good cold snap always seems to show up at fair time.
I have some kind of stomach thing going on and I am going to cancel my ride for tonight. Should be on my own after Mon or Wed next week.
Time for a nap. Hope y'all have a great day!

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Afternoon all :wavey:

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Morning Gang, chowing on oatmeal with blueberries and soy milk.
Gotta work tonight a a trade for bailing sunday, then up EARLY to take Dyan to Eugene for Dr appt

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Good Noon to everybody.

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siigh, just today, then 1 more work-day until the weekend... and i can't WAIT! my shipper-receiver's on holidays, so i'm doing double-duty this week and monday (he's back tues) trying to cover most of his job while staying caught up on mine, lol.... so this weekend, i'm going to reward all my extra hard work by picking up a few new things for my tank. we're planning to pick up a shrimp goby (haven't decided what spp yet, we'll see looks best when we arrive) + tiger pistol, a small (1-1/2"-2") b/w ocellaris, and 1-2 more peppermint shrimp.
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