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Though difficult, Saturday

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.....I'm use to checking for previous days posts to verify what day it is....TODAY WAS TOUGH, Doug! :ROFLMAO:

Top of the morning, and HAPPY SATURDAY TO ALL! 'nice'F heading to 90F with sunshine. And looks like 'heat wave' is back stretching through all of next week.

A pretty open slate here.......Jen's heading down the street here to one of Our Adopted Kid's BABY SHOWER freeing Hack n Hack to roam.:cool:

Peace to go with the morning coffee, and plenty of both to share,
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Mornin all. How’s things? Mmmmm. Thomas’s English muffins. You are my favorite Cath.

Already got a load to the dump and some yard work to do. Once I figure it looks like I did something around here I will be in the garage for the rest of the day. Hope to get that tank drilled if my son can come help me flip it over. Then the plumbing can begin.
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