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OK THIS WEEK ONLY. Buy it this week or weekend and get everything left for $595..that is $335 less than buying it all separate from my other listing. I need the cash soon and need to get this stuff gone. Some stuff has come up and I just need to be rid of it.

It has a 4 foot NA florescent dual strip on it, and you could get another at home depot for like $10. This is a CHEAP and perfect setup for someone wanting to start a reef or FORLR tank. The live rock alone cost me in the neighborhood of $700 retail. This a phenomenal deal. Call Mike at 678-232-8829 or email me at [email protected] Here is everything that is included:

180 gallon glass Reef ready tank with single overflow
Black wood stand
Black wood hood
Home made sump
Home made trickle filter with bioballs
Auto topoff
2 1200 lph power heads
1 600 gph powerhead
1200 GPH pump main system pump
Lunar Lights
150 lbs of live sand
120 lbs+ of live rock...Fiji, Tonga and others
Rainbow Lifeguard Fluidized bed filter for 350 gallon aquarium with pump
heavy duty heater electronic
Jebo UV filter

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