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Prior to The Reef Tank blog, I didn't do much if anything at all on the threats of ocean acidification. I'm happy to state that as our blog grows to include experts on hot topics outside the aquarium realm (including marine conservation and ocean acidification) I've become more and more educated on the subject.

For instance, I just received word from Lina, the project manager over at the European Project on Ocean Acidification (they run a great blog that recently did an amazing guest post for us) that the Monaco Declaration on Ocean Acidification was released last Friday. More than 150 leading marine scientists from 26 countries have signed the declaration, supported by Prince Albert II of Monaco. The scientists are asking for immediate action by policymakers to reduce CO2 emissions sharply so as to avoid widespread and severe damage to marine ecosystems from ocean acidification.

Looks like we're well on our way to making the marine world a better place!

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