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I currently have a 29 gallon tank with about 30 lbs of live rock and 20 lbs of live sand. I have two false percula clowns, a sixline wrasse, a firefish, and a blue damsel. For inverts I have about 4 hermit crabs two Nassarius Snails, a feather duster and a turbo snail. Nassarius Snail . All of my water parameters are good with my salinity at 1.023 my ammonia at 0 nitrite at 0 nitrate at 10ppm pH at 8.2. I was thinking of getting a 37 gallon tall so that I wouldnt have to get a new stand. This would give my current fish more space to swim and I wanted to get a coral beauty angel because they are my favorite fish. Would this be too much for the bioload on the 37 gallon?
Thanks in advance

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I think from a fishes perspective going vertical does not give them much swimming room.
Going from a 29 to a 37 is not going to make the fish any happier nor will get make maintaining the tank any easier.

As far as bio load your pushing it
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