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I don't know if there is anyone local that might be interested, I've decided that I think it is time to break down and sell my tanks... my power went out last night for the second time in a little over a month, and while I am running a generator to keep everything warm right now, I can't run it forever. I'm leaving to go to TN for a week either Wednesday night or Thursday morning so no one will be able to keep fuel in the generator to keep it running 24/7 for the next week... and power is estimated to come back on 12/27-12/28, so thought I would post this and see if there is anyone local that is interested in fish / corals /inverts before they end up dying...

I'll list both separate prices and an overall price if you take the whole set up. Note that I won't sell the tanks/equipment/lights separate unless everything else sells first (which I may then decide to keep anyways for when I can afford to start over...)

Saltwater tank:
10 gallon tank $15
10-12lbs of rock $10
150W (?) heater w/ adjustable thermostat $10
maxi-jet 1200 powerhead $10
bridgelux LED light fixture (55 x 3W LED's driven at 2W each) $90

paired yellow watchman goby & tiger pistol shrimp $30
occellaris clown fish $15
peppermint shrimp $10

small rock (about 2" long x 1 1/2 wide) with a couple dozen green zoas $20

small frag of Duncans with 6 heads (3 heads original, 3 baby heads growing) $20

I have a couple different mushrooms attached to one of the rocks, one is
about 2-3" light green, the other is about 1" brown mushroom $20

candy cane coral with probably 6-7 heads on it $20

green ricordia florida - $10

yellow ricordia Yuma - $10

take it all for $225 (this is well over 50% discounted from what I've paid for all of this due to my emergency situation...)

Freshwater planted tank:
55 gal tank
enclosed wood stand w/ single door
one large center piece driftwood + 2 smaller driftwood pieces and some small rocks
300W heater with adjustable thermostat
4xT5HO light fixture with built in controller/timer, lights are run separately so can run 2x or 4x, plus separate moon lights
Whisper HOB filter
air pump / air line / valves / T's, everything you need...

set up as a planted tank, growing a few different plants (helps oxygenate the water and plants eat fish waste making it so you don't have to clean as often)...
-dwarf hair grass
-creeping jenny
-water wisteria
-java fern
-a couple other plants that I can't seem to recall the name of

stocking consists of
-guppies (a few different colors, lots and lots of fry)
-dalmation molly (and quite a few little fry)
-4 corydoras catfish (3 adults, 1 fry)
-6 neon tetras
-ghost shrimp
-pond snails
-Malaysian trumpet snails
-ramshorn snails

I'd let the whole set up go for $200, I have more than that in just the tank/stand/T5HO lighting, everything else considered freebies at that point.. I also have a T8 light, undergravel filters, shipwreck and tiki hut decorations as well as some other stuff that I'll throw in if anyone is interested in the whole set up.

If there is interest in any of this I'll post pictures or you can find pictures in my threads in my signature.

I hate doing this, I know I'm taking a big loss to sell anything, but at the same time I rather someone else take them and give them a warm home rather than have them die while I have no power / am away for a week... I'm located in Charlotte, MI, will help break down / move tanks / set back up if some place nearby (can deliver too if nearby).

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yeah, I totally did not sell my tanks... this was over a year ago... instead I swapped tanks out, I did sell the 55 to make room for two 40B's so I could upgrade my saltwater tank instead, then I ran the 40B saltwater for about a year and now I've upgraded to a 240 gallon saltwater tank (almost 300 gallons total in the system). The only thing I have left out of that original tank from this post is the duncan, it survived and is probably closer to 20 heads growing on it now. The pistol shrimp survived for several months after this post but has since died.. the freshwater tank everything survived just fine, they didn't mind the cooler temps of not having a heater running in the middle of winter even though the tanks were down in the 50's.

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make sure you take a look at the 'posted' dates on threads you are replying to, just digging through your posts to see if you had posted about problems that would make you think about selling your tanks and I don't find any, but it looks like you've necromanced threads that have been dead for years, so you aren't likely to get responses in old threads unless there happens to be someone else who was involved in those threads that is still around.
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