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Afternoon all,
Back from a AM run to Mom’s place to assist Sis on going thru stuff and sorting into “keep/save for auction “fodder/ pitch/donate. Truck bed and the entire back seat area of the truck , filled with some bags o garbage and the last of the clothing to be donated . Always wish either /both of us can kick behind and get thru this stuff faster, but between my OFR back n bod, and Sis being able to give a bit of her weekend to do this stuff,, is what it is. The one good thing that is not a time crunch hanging over our heads is that we have a ballpark timeline of 4-5 more months to get the house ready to sell/ emptied , since that is the lawyers recommendation of the 7 months “after” to not have taxes being a chunk -taker’outer.

Been thinking real hard on changing pup Beau’s name to “Murphy “ ( a name in the back of my head for boy pups for a while ) Currently “no” and “Beau” sound a lot alike , and been saying “no” to this “energetic “ lil fella. 99% sure he will be “Murphy” from now on🤔👍🏼.

Murphy goes in for his first vet visit tomorrow ( tho the breeder had him and his 11 siblings in for initial vetting) and Max the long hair Doxie will tags along for a shot booster after 3 weeks for the first one.
Neither are used to/cool with , leashes and of the 7-8 harnesses here for Doxie dawgs, none fit fur bulky Max,, gonna be fun with a 18.8# pup ( that boy packs on the pounds) and 15# long dawg,,, having to hold ‘em and get into the vet office ,, 🤞🏻🙏🤞🏻🙏😬.
Trying to snow here,, mostly is in the air,, 36 degrees is not friendly when it hits the ground.

On to the day,

Hope everyone is having a great one!👍🏼
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