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The rocks are just sitting there. . .

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I have a 65 lb order from HI Rocks just sitting in my office, mocking me. I had originally planned to make my base rock LR by putting it in a rubbermaid container with some aeration and current and seed it wit LR to create some decent rock for my reef tank.

Then I got to thinking. . .:eek: (I know, I know. . . I SHOULD know better than that!) I got to thinking that when I set up my new reef tank, I want to do something different-- maybe even a little silly-- I want to create "an artists rendition of the Lost City of Atlantis."

I want to fashion temples and building ruins instead a "natural rock wall," but I don't want to use any pre-made decorations, as that would be pointless in a reef. It seems to me that I could use the base rock I already have to do this. My only concern (right now) is whether or not using a drill or chisel, for that matter to shape my rocks will contaminate them.

I was thinking that if I could drill (or punch a hole) through the center of several rocks and attach them epoxy and stiff placstic tubing then recreating pillars and rubble would be fairly simple, but would your standard tools make these rocks unsafe in a reef environment?? :confused:

If so, I guess that that tank was destined to be FO, course being able to incorpoate shrooms, corals,and such would be better!!
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i think you will be fine drilling and chiseling the LR. i know a lot of people do it when using PVC as a base structure to hold up the LR. if the LR is all dried out any way the risk is even less. most of the tools are steel. the iron in the tools may give you a bigger algae bloom, but i do not think it would be really noticeable.


how are you going to seed the rock? i know i can not have a tank with water in it just sitting around with LR only in it for a whole year without putting something else in it. i have reef patience, but not that much!

keep us posted.

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