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I just thought I'd share the story of Jumper, our two-spot hogfish.

Last night around 9pm we heard a splash. Not an unusual sound with 300 gallons of water in the house. This time, though, was different. The dog was startled and left the room. Next thing we know our cat, Sushi, is trying to poke her nose in the space between the wall and back of the tank. Jon jumps up and says....."the hogfish jumped!!". We've been through this once before, so with the speed of a well-trained trauma team, we sprung into action.

We knew the fish was somewhere behind the tank. Before I know it Jon has a small flashlight and we're both on hands and knees looking behind the tank, feeling the carpet. Jon slides the huge UV out from behind the tank and still there is no sign of the hogfish. The cat gives us the biggest clue by walking into the stand. We were just about to give up when Jon reaches between the sump and the back of the stand and finds the fish. I run for the specimen container, rinse it out, run back to the tank and fill it up quickly. Jon drops in the fish and he is lifeless and covered in dust and cat hairs. I thought he was a goner for sure...his gills weren't really moving at all. I reached into the container and gently rubbed the dust and hairs away from his gills and gave him a small little squeeze. Next thing we know he is breathing again.

From our last experience we knew that he would need to rest in the specimen container for awhile, so Jon got our little breeder specimen container thingy. This is the one that has slats in the side and a lid. We placed him in the tank inside the safe confines of the breeder and waited to see what would happen.

Well, after having spent the night in the breeder container, I'm happy to report that the hogfish is alive and well this morning. We are thrilled, since he is one of our favorite fish. We already have this tank covered in eggcrate. It looks like we may have to add some screening to the eggcrate on the back third of the tank.

So to anyone looking for a very tough fish you might want to try the two-spot hogfish. Just make sure your tank is covered. ;)

This is Jumper:
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