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Heres my question... I am running a 30 gal with LR and a skimmer. Now... I have 2 hang on whisper filters. I use them to run a denitrate and a dephosphate. Now People argue not to to use hang-ons because of the nitrate build up. But On the filter that I am running the de phosphate I change it every 2 days, remove it and thouroghly wash and rinse the whole filter, the same with the other filter running de nitrate but every 5-7 days. If I am washing these out thouroughly after every use is that enough to get rid of built up nites and phosphates?
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if you are completely washing them out every couple to three days you should be fine.

the reason HO filters are bad is that they are usually left running for months without cleaning. they contain floss of some kind, this traps detritus (which is good) that needs to be removed often in order to keep from becoming a nitrate factory. a naked HO for water flow only or as a container for carbon is fine.

Geoff is right, the filter materiel whether its poly batting, sponge, or what ever does trap debris as well as provide a high oxygen environment that favors the bacteria that excell at breaking down the ammonia and nitrate that results from decomposition, this process results in nitrate production.
The bacteria that break down nitrate favor a low oxygen environment in which to live, which you aren't getting to any extent in a power filter, BUT
hopefully the products you are using do live up to their claims, so you are essentially removing them chemically rather than biologically. As long as the De-nitrate/phosphate contain no chemicals that adversly effect the tank, you should be ok
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