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Margaritaville has been chock-full on fun threads lately. Let's keep it going! I propose we write a short, satirical history of reefing, told by reefers with no intent of being serious. Actually seriousness is moderated on this thread :)
The rules are simple:
1 - This entire story must be fictional.
2 - Every person gets to add only ONE sentence per day.
3 - No posts unrelated to the story.
4- The story must continue no matter what is posted previously. You have to work with what you get and continue on
5- most importantly, have fun!!!

Ok let's do this.
The story begins:

From the dawn of civilization, mankind has evolved from simple smelly creatures with unnecessary body hair to sophisticated smelly creatures with unnecessary body hair . Mankind's most notable achievements are their incredible capacity for intelligent thinking, the ability to use a revolving door and coining the term "baby mamma".

But who was the first Reefer? Many of you may not know his name. He was Eugene, a short man, related to Greg the brick layer. He loved the aquatic world, yet ironically never bathed. Once, in his youth, he caught a starfish in the bay near his house. Being a simple man, he decided to keep his starfish in a the only thing he owned... An empty moonshine jar.

You're next. One sentence.

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Given the fact that the starfish was starting to dry out, Eugene decided to add water to the jar.
I was soooo hoping someone would go there!:banana:
Eugene took the jar and the starfish down to the beach where he caught the creature.

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Alice was also prone to eating mushrooms, talking to people who weren't there, and trying to get to the other side of the mirror, but she encoraged Eugene in his habit by collecting seashells for every jar.

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She would arrange the shells in the jars so she could hear the ocean and also to intercept any communications from our government to any nearby solar systems, this along with her aluminum foil hat made her very useful.
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