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Hello Everyone,

Well, that time has come. Those of you who have known me for years, know every January and July I have offered a group buy on Inverts. So those of you waiting or in need, the time is now.:D

Finally, after lots of calls and call backs with vendors, here is the list and info for the groupbuy:


*Bubble Tip $16
Condylactus $5
Flower Anemone $5
*Ricordea florida - single green polyp $8


Bubble Coral s-smd $20
Yellow Polyp Rock smd. $10
Green Star Polyp Rocks md. $30


Anemone (Neopetrolisthes spp.) $6
Emerald (Mithrax sculptus) $4
Pom Pom (Lybia spp.) $9
Porcelin (Petrolisthis spp.) $6

Hermit - sm. Blue Leg $ .30
*Hermit - Compresses $8
*Hermit - Electric Blue Knuckle $6
Hermit - Mex. Red Leg $ .70
Hermit - Scarlett $2


Lettuce Nudibranch (Elysia crispata) $6
*Tiger Tail Cucumber (Holothuria thomasi) $15
Yellow Sea Cucumber (Colochirus robustus) $8


*Blue Coral Banded $18
Cleaner sm.-md. $15
Fire Shrimp sm.-md. $20
*Peppermint $4


Astrea $ .40
Black Turbo $1
Cerith (Aquacultured) $ .50
Cerith (Caribbean) $ .75
Cerith (Pacific) $1
Dove $1.50 "like Nassarius only 5x bigger"
Margarita $ .80
Nassarius $ .70
Turbo (Mexican) $1.25

*Conch - Fighting (Caribbean) $7
*Conch - Strombus (Tonga) $6


Dalmation Linkia (Linkia multiflora) $14
Serpent (Ophioderma spp.) $8
Pink Paddle Brittle (Ophiomastix annulosa) $7


Pin Cushion $7
Royal $14
Red Royal $18

* Items are in limited quantity. These items are first come first serve, while supplies last

Orders may be placed from now until Monday July 17th

Order Method:

#1. The best way to order is via E-mail

Just cut and paste items that you would like, from this thread, into an email. Add the quantity you would like, your name, and contact info. Then send it off to:

[email protected] . com

#2. Call or come buy the store and place your order

No prepayment is needed. Payment upon pickup at the shop. We accept Cash, Mastercard, & Visa.

Pickup is at the the store. Anytime Fri/Sat/Sun
July 21, 22, 23

Any questions, please call the shop. or post here.

Thank you for your great support,

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Order Pickup

Sounds good. Just send me a PM or Email listing your purchases. I am picking up Dennis' order too so it would be no trouble getting yours next Friday.:thumbup:

ceige said:
That would be VERY COOL....I only have like a $40 order in...we can figure it out as it gets near to the date..
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