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Thanks to Steve W. Kiffi, Krux & the Crew...

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..for an absolutely wonderful time today at the PNWMAS BBQ!

The food was excellent; presentation was very nice and it tasted even better! (Ryan, I need to talk to you about some of those sauces and marinades...mmmmm :) )

Steve and Kiffi were very gracious hosts and the tank looks better than ever. It's truly an inspiration.

We had a great turnout today! So good to see familiar faces and meet quite a few new folks. Including the newest member of the PNWMAS family, DaReef and Twilight's new daughter, Shannon.

I also want to say thank you very much for the cards signed by the members and the Blue Planet series dvd's. I never did get to watch all of it on TV so they are very much appreciated! I wasn't expecting that at all and I was very touched. Thank you Piero, for putting that together. :) I'm sorry you couldn't make it today.

Fred, thanks for taking on the email list and organizing meetings. I'm really hoping that you'll have a couple of folks step up to help you keep things rolling.

I've made some good friends through this club, I think we all have, and I want to encourage you all to keep that networking active. This hobby can be difficult at times and it's comforting to know that we've got people we can call on for help when the going gets rough and to share our triumphs (even the small ones that non-reefers scratch their heads over!)

Thanks so much to everyone for making my last meeting so much fun. I'll be here online checking in with you all and you know I'll be down here to catch a meeting or two in the future. I wish you all good reefing!


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I second all the above....

Thanks Steve and Kiffi for hosting the meeting. ;) Aside from having the meeting close to home, you guys went all out for the meeting. :p And for those who didn't show... this was a rocking meeting.... great host, great food, perfect weather, and oh ya, that nice look tank. :D

And Ryan and crew, you guys cooked up an excellant set of dishes. My little boy passed on the hotdog for the great kabobs.. :beer: :beer:

And lastly, bye Alice... I know Woody will miss you dearly and so will we, but I know we will still talk to you on the board. Just don't get too buried. :(

And to Fred, GOOD LUCK BUDDY. :beer:
Top notch food, top notch tank........

......and top notch fellow reefers.

That was one heck of a BBQ, can't think of one that I've ever been to that was better.

Nice to put faces to all the on-line names.

Alice, you will be missed. I remember going to our first little meeting in a park with a sign on a tree saying NW Reefers and a cop going by real slow!


Still a very impresive tank and setup. Thank you for opening your doors to us.

Alice- You have done a great job in "orginizing" this group. You will be missed.
The tank looks even better than before Steve!! Now if I could just figure out what happened to that huge soli you used to have out front.... hehe...:( . I have to say that to remind myself that you are human not some reefing GOD sent to us from above, though it is debatable!! Things can go wrong for the almighty Steve :funny:! Anyways, I never did find that spec of dirt that we were all trying to dump in the emmaculate garage. Ryan the food was great, thank you so much for all of your hard work. I have to say this is by far the best meeting we have ever had!:dance:

PS. Steve I loved the house but the two beer taps sent me over the edge. :beer: I never noticed those before.

I also noticed many new faces and apologize up front for not introducing myself... I had to go chase my little boy around. (Had to get him out of the tank, he thought it was Hawaii :D :D)....doh... uhhhh, no Steve, lil' Kyle was not in your tank... he's was wet because of the sprinklers...hehehe
Jim......I think Kyle is rather tall. And how did he end up in Steve's tank??????? Oh I much off the dual beer taps and Kyle thought he was in Hawaii!!!!!!!!:D

PS: Jim, isnt your sons name simular to Kyle?????? Ah well.....guess I'LL get back to the beer taps!!!!!:rolleyes: :beer:

Sounds like you guyz and gals all had an AWSOME time. The generosity of most people in this hobby is EXCELLENT!!!! You are a definite asset to the hobby Steve!!! Even though I couldn't make it......THANKS!


Thanks Steve & Kiffi, not much else I can say that hasn't already beens said, except to echo everyone else. I always said if you can't say something new, don't try. So thanks to all.
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