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Morning, close to afternoon here , all.

Back from a 6am start up north at mom’s,,, garage attic is now 98% empty of “stuff”. Still need to go thru the items for save/pitch/auction, but a nice check off on my mental list with a emptygarage attic.
Came across a couple boxes of pics etc.,,, looks to be from my grand and great grand mother’s. Wow 🤯❤, was cool to do a quick look thru on the pics,,, when it’s your great gramma’s pics of her grandparents,,, that goes back a bit .

Momma GSD ended up birthing 7 of the 19 pups she had,,, they lost the last 3😢. Two male pups to choose from tho,,, in 7 weeks.

Doing a reboot here at home , will see what the result has me set up for the rest of the day .

Hope everyone is having a great one 👍🏼
1 - 1 of 11 Posts