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Evening all ,
Perry , I hear ya on the long commute thing,,, put in 2 extra hours to my workday , for to/from driving . Somehow did it for the last 27 of my 36 yrs in my career. Nowadays I avoid the same interstate route , one being that I know feel every minute driving it ( compared to being in the “zone “) , and two , feel that I lucked out rolling that dice all those years and no accidents etc, and don’t want to play that game anymore.

Cleaned the bird room /cages this morning , then shampoo’d the truck’s seats n carpets in the afternoon. Neither were cruddy dirty, it has been a yr since I got the truck , so why not🤷🏻‍♂️👍🏼😉.
Add to that stuff, some this /that efforts around the house ,, inside of course since it’s stinkin’hot n humid today , blech.

Ordered new door knobs for interior doors ,,, been on my mental list for way too long … what is here is original to the house when new. New knobs will do until I pull the trigger on new interior doors ,,,

Another 13-14 days until GSD pups are due to get a birthday originated , then 8 weeks of growing up before I bring one home, with a meet n’ greet n’ pick a male inbetween those two dates.

Informed /warned the canine pack here that a newb will be here shortly ,,,, and to teach him only the good things, hehe , of being a good dawg here. Fingers crossed.

On to the evening,

Hope everyone is having a great day 👍🏼
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