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OK ever since this Finding Nemo thing Tetra has posted this nice thing about being responsible.

Well they should first off provide people with proper information, but enough discussion has been made on that.

From Tetra Site:

Fish are more popular than ever, thanks to a number of recent and upcoming movies. This is a wonderful time to start an aquarium! When you're ready to get started, your first step should definitely be a visit to your local pet or aquarium store. There you'll find qualified experts who can lead you through the crucial steps, including:

What size tank do you need to ensure the health of the fish that you want?
What types of fish are compatible in your new aquarium?
How do you best care for the fish that you'd like to have in your aquarium?
You'll find a comprehensive list of local pet professionals on this website. Simply click on the "Dealer Locator" button, and enter your Zip code.

Notice visit your LFS and find experts there. OK I ran a search from there search button to find an expert and LFS. LOL. I live in 55303 and I ran the 100 mile radius and it only gave me one place. Wet World. Is that not a joke? I wrote them a letter explaining how we make jokes about LFS's and how reefkeeping magazine made a top 10 about them.
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