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I am looking to get a Calcium and Alkalinity test kit. Does anyone have any favs. Or simply what is the best one. I am looking at the seachem reef status calcium and the seachem reef status Magnesium & Carbonate/Borate Alkalinity. Any responses will be welcome. I have never bought these type tests before. I have just been adding what the package said.
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I have the Reef Status CA kit by Seachem and have been happy with it and will be buying it again soon when the test chemicals are used up.
I use testkits from Hach. I really like them the best out of all of the ones I've tried, and I've tried most of them.
Salifert is another good kit. I find the calcium and alkalinity kits easy to use (although i generally find most titration type kits easier to use than the typical read an endpoint on a color chart type tests).
I guess the Hach kits are great but I like the Hagen kits for Calcium. My sailfert kits are probably more exacting , but I have problems with the color scale reading. However i can't stand the Hagen Ammonia and Nitrate kits, they don't do saltwater correct IMHO. Even though they are great for Freshwater.
One of the things I reallylike about the Hach kits is that any of the tests that use "color" comparison are really easy to use. they use a tube system, similair to a pool test kit so that the colors are reallyeasy to match up.
Salifert kits.

Easy to use endpoint titration, not a color chart comparison.

No conversion factors to calculate to convert results to standard information formats.

You don't have to buy a 1 zillion dollar kit to do a test or two a week (50-100 tests are usually under $20 US).

you can get help locally from folks like JennM in Canton (ImaginOcean) if you "just don't get it..."

Available locally or Internet and there are on-line support forums.

HTH, btw, they are the only kits I use after having used several other brands over the years.
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