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if possible

would be good IF we could sticky a reef club member, who hosted the meeting, and Ben, or something we pick to take pictures of tanks, and post as a "TCMAS Tank of the Month" and we all can post questions, or things, or what went on at the meeting..

I couldnt attend, I was knocked out from the meds at the dentist, I woke up like 11 PM (surgry was like 1 pm)

I see those two striking clowns, I think I can guess what they are, would be nice to have something like this here, sticky 2 weeks we all contribute.

I know I would like to access some information at a later date, like David's nice tank and wondered what he used to seal the tank and whatever.

I planned to post this in the general TCMAS area, but I realized this is a TCMAS event, and maybe would be a good idea to have this IN the TCMAS members only, post an announcement, TCMAS Tank of the Month in genral TCMAS.

How is the hosts/hostess thing going ? is it possible to post a upcoming hosts, and if any empty dates etc on a thread, so I could check, also put tenative dates.

I ask this, as I am willing to host, sometimes end of the year, or so or early 2004.


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