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Why I get nothing done...
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I have a:

120 Gallon Acrylic Tank center overflow
20 gallon sump
2 400W Hamilton 14k Metal Halides
2 VHO super actinic
2 Hood fans @70CFM ea. blowing in at water
1 Stand fan @70CFM blowing in.
1/4HP PCI chiller
2 SEIO 1100 powerheads
1 Maxijet 1200
SEN700 pump for return w/ 4' head
ASM G1-X skimmer (too small I know)
Precision Marine CR422 Calcium Reactor
Filter sock on return
200lbs of live rock
2-3" sand bed
Aquasafe 6 stage RO/DI water filtration
Instant Ocean & Seachem Reef salt mixes
1 Blue Tang
1 Yellow Tang
1 Pair of False Percs
1 Diamond Goby
1 Six Line Wrasse
Numerous Turbos, Astreas and Hermits
1 Blue Linkia Starfish

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From the looks of it you forgot to add two little ones. Mine does the same thing, he will hang on my back while I am working or looking under the tank. Just watch out that he does not turn a gate value when you turn your back.

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