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Tank Tear Down

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Ok, about every April I get an itch to do a tank build... most of the time (because of the Mrs and money) it turns out to be a rebuild of my existing 65g.

And guess what, I scratched! (again)

So, in May '09 I had some rechargeable batteries "introduced" into the tank while I was away attending my brother's graduation. Needless to day, tank crash and ever since then it seemed my acros were never quite right (I would loose them randomly, only one at a time to slow tissue necrosis). I would remove them to the frag system and they would be fine, but in the main tank it was constant struggles. So when the "itch happened, I was justified to remove all of my rock-work due to any residual battery heavy metal. So here is a quick picture "diary" of tearing down the tank.

Preping the tank, about 30g of tank water will go into the kiddy pool and then all of the rock, fish, and coral will join with it.

In the process of tearing it down (Hunter shown helping me drain... dont worry, he got several heads of my candycane and Neapolitan frogspawn for his efforts!):agree:

My massive red monti... it is as tall as the waterlevel in the bucket

pre-fragging and almost filled kiddy coral pool

new rock work going in

about half of my monti returning to the tank

a full kiddy pool

some fragging has started

tank and coral going back in

new tank setup (getting there)

finally after all of that.... while I was in the kiddy pool searching for the snails and hermit crabs to return to the tank, I found this guy

I am willing to be that this crab was the irritator that led to the acro STN... I have noticed a bit of munching/tissue loss (worried about AEFW and dipped some colonies into oblivion) but i could never find a cause...

while the batteries may not have helped the coral, I am willing to put some blame on the red-eyed crab for the acro troubles:doh:

think of this, I just tore down my tank because of this guy

can anyone think of an appropriate death because I dont think this crab even deserves the microwave!!!!
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id say it is his inherent nature to be a pest, playing devils advocate, its not entirely his fault he was a hitchhiker. i say find someone w a sump or refugium that needs scavaging and condemn him to a life of solitary confinement.
TORTURE him...i have a bad crab in my tank thats eating my acros but I CAN NOT FIND HIM!...i have to tear down my tank in a week or so and move it so maybe i can get lucky and find
you have got to be kidding me we did all that for that little....:swear:....:swear:....crab save him for poofy tomorrow
well, I can not say that this crab was the (sole) reason why I had some issues with my acros, but it (helps to) explain(s) why it only happened one acro at a time while the other corals were fine. Coral with bandit crabs were fine, I wonder why!

let see, after the battery issue was cleared (about a month afterwards and I lost about 50% of my coral then) up I have lost:
1/2 of a tort
1 colony of my Green Acro (first acro had it since '05... it was my baby and a slow grower)
a maroon and gold acro,
another neon green acro
crimson and baby blue tipped stag
blue/green stag
blue milli,
my quadcolor acro
ora miami orchid (the most recent lost-ished... some tissues holding on in frag system)
ora bellina

All started with a bit of tissue loss under a branch of so, loss of polyp ex, and then a slow tissue necrosis. Sounds like a bad acro crab to me... now I have to figure how it got into the tank... I "nuke" all of my coral in dips as a few people know... if the corals barely survive then hopefully very few other things will too.

Frank, I will consider clemency, but if this crab is the cause of my troubles... I will turn it over to hunter for poofing

or does any science teacher need a neat example of a crab? k-12 (or worse, college freshmen) might be the best form of death!
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also any help on the crab ID would be wonderful. It is quite boxy when in a defensive stance (almost a perfect rectangular cube), the hind legs are not paddles but rather hook-ish (perfect for acro clinging) and those two light colored bands are interesting. It is definitely not hairy like a gorilla crab.
LOL, poor thing to be simply poofed away.
its definitely of the xanthid family. coomon hitchhiker that does prey on sps corals. as his lawyer i advise him to plead the 5th amendment and not answer any more of your questions until i can put him in my own isolation tank.
I know the feeling, here's a thread documenting my experiences with a particular crab that killed off over a dozen expensive frags and two rather large colonies before i was able to get him out (over a year of why why why and then ah ha!)
+1 to Poof! But of course you knew I would probably say that.

However if you wanna get mid-evil on his A*$ could tape him to one of my clay pidgins next time I go trap shooting.
well, the bugger is in a plastic container in the sump... for now, but thanks for the ID, definately xanthid... but mine has racing stripes :D (how could I not find that last night? Rage? Oh well...)

I like the firing squad idea... I could strap it to a rocket (firework) and send it up as a crab-acronaut
I put mine in a medicine bottle and tossed him in the freezer for a slow death...(yet humane because it puts it to sleep first)
I don't know if humane is what the Doc is looking for :D
Give him to that big wrasse at O F, I'm sure he'd love it.
what a pain in the wrasse. he would be sick to his stomach.
Ummm, I wonder if there is a coral that will eat this crab, seems like justice to me!
carpet anemone?
Ummm, I wonder if there is a coral that will eat this crab, seems like justice to me!
The above idea is great: otherwise...I vote for Isolation in Glass like the villains from Superman... a sump would work too.
If the judgement is death, we want video proof of the execution.:banana::banana::banana:

+1 for the bottle rocket from me
+1 feeding it to something from my wife
...but didn't the villains of superman have a high "risk" of escape? Escape is not what I want to see.

the nems are a good idea, what other coral would have a feeding response strong enough to take care of this guy... think
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