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Hi everyone!
My DT tank is a 125 gallon,set-up ~9+ years ago,and below it I have a 135 gallon grass tank (~1:1 footprint,DT=GT) that's about 8 years old.Although I did R & R it about a year and a half ago.
Before redoing the grass tank the average readings on N is N/D,for P it was 0.025-0.05ppm.

The DT starts the morning off with a background light @6:00am and at 7am the atinic/blue VHO's come on.A little while later the first 250wMH fires-up (I need too change the bulbs{~7yrs old}:agree:) and stays on till 3:00pm.The second MH comes on at noon and goes till 8:00pm.The VHO's are off by 9:00pm and it's bed time.

The grass tanks lighting comes on around 3:00pm and shuts off at 7:00am.I recently up-graded too some LED's after the MH went out on Me.
In the center of the tank is a FW light I got from the LFS.He said it's rated just above a 250MH.It has ~50-3w LED's.Also there are two Lowe's par38,1400 lumens,5k flood lights on the left,and one 1000L,5K on the right.

Most everything is DIY.The MH's,the grass tank,DT rocks,overflows,stand,ect....
I'll make a list of critters,and discribe the system in more detail,in an upcoming post.


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