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So we are about 5 days into our tank build. 40 lbs live sand and 15 lbs live rock and a few hermit crabs. Water quality seems to be doing well. We have the Oceanic Bio-cube 29 and I have a few questions about our filtration setup. It came stock with a charcoal filter and bio-balls. Removed the bio-ball and kept the charcoal filter.
For those who have a BC29, the water coming out of the first chamber that houses the charcoal filter is flowing like a water fall into the second chamber. It is dropping about 6". Its loud:confused:. The water level gauge on the side of the tank is between minimum and maximum. Should we add more water? When we get a skimmer will it help with this problem? Should we fill up the chamber with rock rubble as a bio-ball replacement? Just want to trouble shoot this stuff before we get our fish.
Anyone work with Sapphire Aquatics? They seem to have a really nice skimmer for the BC29. $169:eek:

Thanks for your help!
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