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A few quick-n-dirty pics of our tank.

We've just (as in yesterday) added the caulerpa prolifera to the tank; behind the xenia is a frag of codium taylori (hard to see as it's a very dark green), and we also have a tuft of turtle grass and hair algae (at least I think that's what it is) that:

1) I think looks neat.
2) The white leg hermits and lawnmower blenny LOVE to snack on it.

View from the front; the fish thought I was planning to feed them when I got close.

The caulerpa

The turtle grass, with the xenia and green hairy mushroom in the background.

The two purple mushrooms (one fell down into the rock and by the time I found where it had gone it had attached and opened!)

The xenia and GHM. You can see the codium peeking out from behind the xenia.
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