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Tank has been broken down! LR, fish, corals, etc!

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We have pulled it apart and most of the live rock is sitting in coolers to be inspected. It's really nice stuff, so if anyone needs LR, this is a great deal! Please page us at 503-604-8089 if you want to come by. Or just stop by (in Hillsboro):

561 NE Natalie St
Hillsboro, OR 97124
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I'm updating pictures and some prices. We have broken down the tank today and Would like to sell as much as possibly by tomorrow. Otherwise we will have to put the tank back together to keep from losing animals.

email me if interested

I have created a whole photo album. So, the pictures are MUCH easier to see this time, especially if you view them large. . It's located here:

Also, here is a complete list of what's left:
(*indicates new, lower price!)

Live Rock (nice stuff!) $2/lb
Very large toadstool leather $50*
Pagoda (6-8" long) $20
White pin-cushion urchin $5
Black Spiny urchin $10
Anenome $12*

Not pictured:
Carpet coral attached to live rock (~10" X 18") $100*
Sailfin Tang $20*
Tomato Clown (large) $12*
Percula Clown (large) $12*
Coral Beauty $30
Golden Wrasse (large) $20
Large Brittle Starfish $8*

Equipment (some equipment must wait until fish are sold):
Tank: 225 gallon 3/4" acrylic show tank $1000
6' X 2' X 30"; black acrylic back with large overflows
Chiller: 1/3 hp inline chiller $400
Protein Skimmer (ETSS 800 Gemini with pump) $325
Aqua Controller Pro Kit (reserved)
Extra X10 modules $50
Misc Pumps (both) $100*
Sea Swirl oscillating head $100
Water Filter: 5-stage SpectraPure $220
Spectra Plus 2000 reverse osmosis system
2 lights & ballasts (reserved)
400 W halides with built-in blue lights
300W heaters $10/each
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Sorry, you do not have permission for that operation...

Link isn't working for me, apparently. Good thing the link in your other post works. :)
wierd... I copied and pasted both of them at the same time.... go figure.
Thanks a bunch!!!

Thanks for the great deals!! Nice LR for 2 bucks, yeehaa!! I had to hold myself back from taking it all for that price. Healthy fish too, can't wait to get the hawk into his new home (currently vacationing in the quarantine tank).

Anyone thinking of getting some should do so!

Again, Thanks a bunch!!
I'm glad it's working out for you! It's actually kind of hard to watch it all go.

We actually found the golden wrasse later... It turns out he had buried himself under the sand. Apparantly they do that when they're stressed! who knew?

Anyway, I'm getting a little concerned that we haven't been able to unload all of the rock yet. It's all about timing and our time is running out. So, if you know of anyone who is looking for rock, tell them quickly! Otherwise it might start stinking.... :(

Thanks again!
Britney and Ron
A beautiful tank, I'm sure it is hard to watch it go.

Good luck with all your stuff, I'll let some folks know.
I would be interested in anything left over for my classroom tanks. I have some money and the your prices seem very reasonable. Let me know.
Hey thanks! I hope it works out being so far away!!
I'll contact you in email about the other stuff...:cool:
Good news!

All of the fish and corals have found good homes! Thanks to all of those caring individuals who took them in! I hope they are doing well. (Maybe you could post pictures if you have a digital camera??? I think I miss them already!)
Is the chiller still avail? What brand and how old?

for anyone thinking of any of britney's last stuff, do not feel the least bit hesitant. britney was a wonderful person to get to talk to, and the stuff i bought from her is absolutely what i needed, and in perfect condition!

Thanks again britney (and hubby)!
I agree. The urchins she gave me (not middle school kids!!) are a big hit in the classroom. The LR is fabulous looking. I am in the works to post pictures or what my school tanks look like. They are coming along! If anyone is cleaning their tank of stuff let me know before you throw it away. I have lots of space!!!
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