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:arg:After many, many searches and no real direction towards what I'm looking for I've turned to the forum. I'm looking for the black plastic trim that is being used on alot of new tanks today. This is the trim that goes on the bottom of the tank. It has a shape similar to a clam shell door casing. It's definately a corner moulding.

I have assembled my custom 60 gallon and I've decided to go rimmless on the top but I would like to use this for the base of the aquarium for added security. I went with a tempered glass bottom and any little ding could potentially shatter the glass.

How big should the overflow box be? I have a Mag 12 pump with a 1-1/4" drain bulkhead. Flow rate should be about 680GPH after all plumbing. Also, any recommendations on how big the notches should be on the internal overflow box? ie; length and width.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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