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Tank birthday, 40 years

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In a couple of weeks my reef will will have reached 40 years old.
Unfortunately I don't remember when I was 40 but I remember when I set it up. I was a skinny 22 year old just back from Viet Nam.
It is still running very well, still using the same reverse UG filter, same dolomite substrait but none of the fish are original. The oldest one, a fireclown is just over 16, all of the older fish died in an accident that was due to my carelessness.
The tank is mostly LPS, gorgonians, giant mushrooms and a few leathers.
There are only three SPS corals, two of which have been with me for a few years and are growing nicely.
I am not sure is any of the original NSW from the Long Island Sound is still in there or any of the original amphipods but maybe much later generations.
I still can't take a decent picture and the tank is not as blue as these pictures but it is what it is.

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When I get time I need to build a much larger brine shrimp hatchery, the one I have can't take the volume as it was built a long time ago for one mandarin. I still have the hatchery/auto feeder for vacations which continousely hatches how many I want but it will only work well for a week or so. Now I still need a vacation feeder to feed live blackworms which is a little more difficult but not insurmountable. If I can make that, I would not need a tank sitter any more.
Know the feeling! I had a brine shrimp hatchery and tank I was raising a bumper crop in. Kept the 45g well fed, and they just kept multiplying their little hearts out.....till I moved to the 220, and the extra mouths to feed. Wiped my supply right out they did. Started 5 new batches going at once, and not a single shrimp! The batch I bought must have been accidently eradiated or something. Always used San Francisco brand eggs, never had this issue before. Got to find a new supplier, and give their batch a try fish are spoiled rotten, and are making angry faces at me giving them frozen food instead of stuff they have to chase down kill, clean and cook themselves!
Except for the 3-4 hr. drive, and the length of the 'to-do-list' that would be required to do what you do with that tank of yours' Paul, I wouldn't mind at all coming and offer my/our assistance in any way we can if you ever need a break. Don't know snot compared to you, so will have to be a fairly long 'how-to' list. Our very best wishes hopes and prayers for you and yours',
Hack and family
What kind of drives you trying to hoof around there bro....ALPHAs, or BRAVOs? Play with them all day here, they must have been made out of lighter material once, cause they sure seem to be getting heavier every year! I still carry them.....but my body hates me,("I mean, strongly dislikes me!"), for it. Was a different game back in my 20's and 30's! Now pushing 60, I outa really stop showing off and let some of these youngsters earn their metal like we had to in the day!
YUP! Know where my cans are. This is about enjoyment......though I noticed the needle did bounce up off 0 this morning on the old stresso-meter when I found my 45g let loose! But fish are happy in their mobile home till I get home and figure out what's next.
Glade your boat is all tucked in for the winter, and away from all these storms. Amazing how boats can both be the 'happiest of times', and the 'most obnoxious' at the same time. Ever need any advice, or sympathy, I'll be here. Least I can do in return for all these entertaining articles of yours'.
Tank looks and sounds amazing as always....sorry for the lose of your banner fish though.
.....well look like some one found some snow. Glade all is well with you from this 'historical-blizzard'. We're on our way out to do some sledding in our 3-5" of the blizzard.
Hi Mahnamahna...I feed my one-spot foxface fresh 'bay cabbage'. I hang a new leaf or two in there once a week or so. Maybe a day or two goes by with out it....but he really tears into it. Along with the frozen brine and mysis shrimp I'm thinking setting him up with weight watchers. Where I live I have ready access to this tasty stuff, but fear others would not approve, since I just reach off the docks and fetch a handfull at a time. I rinse it thoroughly before clipping it in the tank, but there's always the chance of bad ju-ju! I don't know how well it would travel/last in a 'zip lock bag'....would imagine would be fine for 2-3 days traveling by snail-mail. If you don't mind the risks, and too many don't start raising objections, I'd be more than happy to send you a bag full to try.


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Hack, that would be awesome! I'll bet my foxy would love it. She tears into the dried seaweed I give her, so I imagine she would think she'd died and gone to fishy heaven with bay cabbage. :D I'll PM you.
Give the pm another try....last was only garbled.
Sent again, Hack.
That also was 'giberish'! I sent you one also, let's see if that one goes through. I'm still getting the error message every 1/4hr or so on here, so there's still bugs in the system. Though pics seem to be working well today.
Sent a 3rd time....
Well, so much for the 'third try'
This is what it looks like.
Seems PM's are having issues also. Did you receive mine O.K.?
Boy are you going to be in trouble Paul when your fish start going through their 'mid-life crises'! You'll have red sports cars, and dive equipment laying all around your tank.:doh:
With you's that time of year for drive maintenance before they go enjoy their boats for the season. Always look forward to the scrapped knuckles on those barnacles, and broken skegs, and frayed bonding wires. Over spray paint, we use Tri-Lux, that gets on the finger nails, and takes days to wear off, from applying in less than perfect conditions. Looking forward to another year gathering the local inhabitants for my reef also....have the grass shrimp down pat, but as of yet haven't been able to find my first amphipod. Been looking in our marshes, and creeks, but haven't tried 'beach combing' a whole new season to experiment.
Good morning Paul. It's moving towards the tourist season for us east coasters with the longer warmer days coming this way. I found out last year gathering grass shrimp, that there's definitely a 'season' for taking them, and as I had no luck last year gathering pods in our local tidal pools, I was wondering if you noticed a 'season' for finding them? Moon cycles, hotter or cooler days, early summer/late summer? And glade to hear you're staying busy in retirement. I see way too many going from a full gallop right to a dead stop...not good. And as always, thanks for your thread, and enjoy all the day has to offer,
Thanks Paul for the info. A man full of diversified talents.....that keeps us from getting bored. And you just keep right on being PATRIOTIC, it never grows old.
If that doesn't give you tears of pride, you require the 'straight-pin' test!
Good morning Paul. A while back we discussed the local-stuff we collect and throw in our tanks as I'm from South Jersey, a bit down the coast from you. And came up about that 'ORANGE CORAL/SPONGE' stuff that grows like weeds under our docks. You said you tryed keeping it, but it would turn to slimmy booger snot, but one of your fish loved the stuff, and now you started freezing some it for them. Did you ever stumble a crossed what this stuff is? And was it your COPPERBAND that loves the stuff? My 1/2 BLACK ANGEL, and ONE SPOT tore it to shreds as soon as they saw it yesterday, and if it doesn't do goofy things to my tank, I may start including it on my menue.
Hack M18A1 claymore might fit the're probably familiar with their advantages in such instances.
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