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I really want a purple or yellow tang.My tank is 40 gallons.I plan very soon to get about 45 lbs of live rock.Here is my original fish list:

1 royal gramma
1 pair of ocellaris clowns
1 coral beauty angel
1 six line wrasse

I also want some inverts,and maybe a few mushrooms.could i get a purple or yellow tang(I'd prefer a purple).Could i get one at around 2-3 inches and when it gets to large take it out.I'd replace the six-line or the royal for a purple tang.Yes or no?, i've heard of tons of people who have done this same thing. Thank you! :p
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sorry but that's too small :( i have been told not to get one for my 55 and have been told that a 75 gallon is the minimum with 100 preferable.
The 5 fish you have listed will be a full bioload for a 40g tank. Save the tang for when you get a bigger tank. Tangs should be kept in at least a 4ft long tank of 75g and larger. Some tangs, however should not be kept in anything smaller than 135-180. It depends on the species. For a purple I would say 75g minimum when small and at least 100g when bigger.
i agree, to small for a tang.:(

i also think the 4 fish you have will be just enough for your tank. the 6 will add a lot of interest to your tank. where is it now?

where is what now?the six-line?i dont know at the lfs i guess:confused:
sorry, bad sarcasm there.:D 6lines are somewhat secretive little fish. they like to poke arount the LR all day looking for food. it is fun to try and find the wrasse each time you look into the tank.

blennies are also very good at being difficult to find.

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